Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Move Yet... *sigh*

Well that was disappointing. It was the smallest three bedroom I've ever seen, hardly bigger than the 2 bedroom apartment I'm in right now. The lot it was on was perfect... 2 acres, a small barn, a half built chicken coop, plenty of great space. Needed more trees, but that was easy to fix. Unfortunately the mobile home itself was in such a state of disrepair it was laughable, or would have been if it weren't so sad. Cracked windows (not good for heat in the winter) broken stairs, roof without shingles in spots, threadbare carpet, tiny rooms (may as well have been closets) and the inside was just dark. The wall paneling was dark brown and in need of a light colored paint job. That would have opened up the place considerably, made it feel bigger. Plus the people who were there last hadn't even moved out everything. There was a broken couch, torn curtains, trash on the lot.

On the up side my husband said if it had been a rent to own, instead of just a lease, we would have done it and fixed it all up ourselves. He was only against sinking a ton of money in something we would move out of when we finally do buy a home. I understood that, it is sound logic. I know I loved the lot, but the "house" was not right. So the search continues. Possibly this is for the better, we'll be able to save a bit more and prepare over a longer period. It would have been a rush move to get in tomorrow and move everything. Maybe we'll find something bigger. There's a 10 acre available but the deposit plus rent is more than we have saved. If we're lucky it will still be available on the 15th and we'll be able to get into it by September. It is more expensive, but much nicer. I don't know. I doubt it will be still for rent though, it seems like a really good place and I know someone will snatch it up before me. Other places will come along though. I'm being optimistic.

I am upset that we will have to move Bastian to another school when we do move. I don't like thinking about him making new friends and then a month or three later uprooting and having to resettle in a new class. I know 5 year olds are resilient and he's very outgoing and social... maybe I'm worrying over nothing. If my husband were still in the military we'd likely be moving, possibly during a school year, so I guess it's not that different. Plus it's for the better in the long run.

City Blues

I hate living in this tiny apartment in the crowded city. My husband thrives on it... but I feel stifled and out of touch . This will change soon, hopefully!

Today we go to look at a 3 bed/2 bath double-wide on 2 acres about 20 miles from the big city. It has it's own small "townlette", but not much there - gas station, hardware store, green grocer, schools. I think I will love it, in fact I know I will... I have a knack for seeing more potential in things than is actually there! *laugh* My husband is the one who will need convincing. He's concerned about his internet speed and if we will have to get satellite over cable. He is also dubious about the drive into town, since he will be the one commuting for work.

I really want a place where I can begin to trial homesteading. I know we won't rent forever and I would like to give self sufficiency a good go on a small plot so we can gauge if we should buy a home on more acreage based on our needs. I think a few acres and some fresh air will go a long ways... certainly longer than "just sticking a garden in the back yard and calling it good" ... which my husband thought would be plenty. He rolls his eyes when I mention chickens and he's flat out said NO to goats for dairy purposes. I think I'll switch out the regular milk for goats on the sly and see if he notices, then we can have this discussion again later. As long as I get it fresh and raw from the local dairy goat herdshare I know he won't be able to tell. He never drinks milk straight anyway, it always has to be in something or added to something.

I've already made huge changes to the way I work around the house. I hand wash clothes in the bathtub and hand wring them before hanging around the house to dry. (Really taught me that I NEED to purchase a manual wringer to attach to a large tub when we move... my hands hate me after three loads.) All my dishes are done by hand here, since we have no dishwasher. And the last three months I've made plans a month in advance for dinner meals and stuck to them (with the exception of one weekend.) This really helps me save at the grocer by only buying the ingredients I need for those meals, instead of "guesstimating."

It isn't much, but I feel more accomplished. There's so much I want to do, but can't here. I need the room for it. Like growing all my own produce, raising chickens for meat and egg purposes, getting a dairy goat (or two?) and paring down on all the things society has conditioned us to think we need. I also want to instill a sense of responsibility and practicality in my son. He's turning 6 this winter and will be attending Kindergarten in just a few short weeks! The city may be fine for most families, but I don't want to have him growing up to make comments like I heard the other day... A teenager was harassing a local hunter for killing a deer. She scolded him saying, "Why don't you just get your foods from the supermarket like everyone else! At least that way no animals are killed." I know Bastian (my son) won't necessarily grow up to be that silly, especially since he has me for a Mom. Still...

So in a few hours it's on to the country to look at the "farm." I've already given it a name - Elegon Farm - and no matter where we go or settle or live that will be the name. It's simple and meaningful (to me anyway.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Basic Rundown

Well, a foray into blogging. How fun.

I want this blog to be mainly about the changes our family is making towards being more self sufficient and less reliant on commercialism and the city. I plan many things for our future including keeping chickens, raising milk goats, utilizing grey and rain water and excessive amounts of gardening. I'm sure that other things will come into play and I know my plans, though they seem concrete now, will eventually morph due to life and circumstances out of our control. Still... planning is a start.