Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long Absence!

I know, I know... it's been forever. School has really been sapping my time. Not so much of my time I haven't managed to do a little container gardening though!

I have peas, green beans, bunching onions, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers currently poking their heads up and out of my big green pots in the living room. I am very excited. We also have a tiny mystery plant. I have no clue what it may turn up to be. It looks like a pea plant. There was a mystery seed in the bottom of the bag from Lowes. Since we had a few different types of peas this one could be anything! How exciting. It is definitely growing faster than the bush snap peas. It may be snow pea or a climbing pea. Its little tendrils are so cute. I have had to give it a branch to cling to, it's so tall, but not strong yet. I need to look into finding some deeper pots for the tomatoes. They are just an inch tall right now, but once they get bigger they will probably need more depth for the root systems.

Apartment gardening is a huge challenge. I really prefer outdoor gardens, but for now some green is better than none, right!? Oh, yeah. I love being dirt covered. I also marvel at how a few bucks worth of dirt and seeds can turn into so much. It's beautiful and it is why I want a farm more than anything in the whole world.